Levy Teitelbaum

Embark on the inspiring journey of Levy Teitelbaum, our dynamic CEO and founder, whose narrative unfolds from modest beginnings to orchestrating the growth of our company into a thriving entity with over 40 dedicated employees. Born from a foundation of hard work and unwavering determination, Levy’s story is a testament to the transformative power of grit and vision.

Levy’s entrepreneurial spirit ignited the inception of our hardscape and concrete company, with his hands shaping not just structures but the very essence of our success. From a solitary employee, he meticulously built a team of over 40 professionals, fostering an environment where talent and dedication converge to create a synergy that defines our company.

At the heart of Levy’s vision is a commitment to redefining outdoor spaces. Inspired by the allure of resort aesthetics, he envisioned turning mundane landscapes into breathtaking havens. Under his leadership, our company doesn’t merely construct structures; it crafts experiences. The goal is clear – to transform outdoor spaces into stunning retreats that echo the charm of upscale resorts.

Shulim Reinhold

Shulim Reinhold, a distinguished professional in hardscaping design, particularly excels in the use of Belgium blocks, a popular material choice for various outdoor construction projects. His hardscaping company, based in Belgium, has gained a remarkable reputation for its innovative and sophisticated use of these versatile blocks in creating stunning and durable landscapes.

Belgium blocks, known for their robustness and rustic charm, are a staple in Reinhold’s designs. He skillfully utilizes these blocks to construct driveways, pathways, edgings, and other structural elements in residential and commercial landscapes. His approach to using Belgium blocks is characterized by a blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern design principles, resulting in spaces that are both timeless and contemporary.

Yanky Goldman

Yanky Goldman, the logistical maestro ensuring seamless operations for our company. With a deft touch in orchestrating the movement of machines and materials, Yanky’s expertise in logistics is the driving force behind our smooth and efficient processes. Trust Yanky to navigate the complexities, ensuring every element aligns harmoniously to keep our operations running like a well-oiled machine. Ultimately providing a better and smoother experience for our valued customers.


Carlos Peralta, an esteemed Foreman with over two decades of expertise in hardscape work. With a wealth of experience, Carlos leads our skilled crew, ensuring precision and excellence in every project. His commitment to quality craftsmanship & customer satisfaction defines our commitment to exceeding expectations in the world of hardscaping..

Fabian Sarango

Fabian Sarango, a seasoned Foreman overseeing our concrete flatwork division. With a remarkable two decades of experience in concrete craftsmanship, Fabian exemplifies excellence in every pour. His leadership ensures our projects not only meet but exceed the highest standards, reflecting the unwavering commitment to quality that defines our concrete work.

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